Located in Decatur Georgia, we make hand-crafted beautiful, one-of-a-kind flowers and bouquets made from high quality, designer papers. These unique paper flowers instantly create an instant, eye-catching centerpiece at any event: parties, weddings, dinners, engagements, anniversaries, showers. Any event can have it's atmosphere instantly transformed with beautiful, one-of-a-kind paper flower arrangements. Besides havimg no minimum quantities on orders, our bouquets are custom-made around your exact requirements, color choices and needs, so you can be sure you will get exactly what you want. Please contact us for to place an order for any particular event you have in mind or simply with any questions.

Perfect for any occasion

Paper flower bouquets are perfect at weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, parties, holidays - pretty much any event or gathering you can think of!

A gift that lasts forever

Unlike regular flowers, these paper flowers require no sunlight (ever), no water (ever), and will never wilt or die. Years later they'll still look as good as the day they arrive. Plus, NO pollen!

Don't break the

Our bouquets start at $10. You can see specific examples in our prices area, but for an idea of paper flower costs are: small flowers are around $2-3+ each; large flowers are around $4-5+.

Custom Orders, No minimums

With no minimums, and all orders created around your specific needs, you'll never have to settle for something just "pretty close" to what you want. Your flowers don't exist until you place an order, so you can be sure you'll be getting exactly what you want.


Let know how many flowers you want and your time-frame and we will do our absolute best to accomodate you. No one likes to feel rushed, but we have been known to "burn the midnight oil" when needed to meet rushed or expedieted orders.

'wait... you're located where?'

We are located in Decatur Georgia. While that makes it easier to provide flowers here, we can ship our bouquets to you. Please note, larger orders have higher shipping prices, due to the sheer size (flowers must be carefully packed to prevent smushing).

Just a few great things about paper flowers

- No water or sunlight required

- They never die or wilt

- They last forever

- No pollen EVER

- You can't kill them

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